Project Abstract

Project Abstract
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Objectives of the project

E-Europe is the main strategic vision of European economic development. Achieving the new virtual economy, however, requires better adaptation between information technology and the existing physical infrastructures. Especially new, unique and unforeseen requirements from the growing electronic commerce emerge for residential buildings. HOMEDOOR Project will research, conceptualize, build a prototype and a pilot of a transportation, storage and automatic handling system for electronically ordered consumer goods in buildings.   The Project makes a study in design and construction for an enabling system. The results of the project find applications in civil and structural engineering, facilities design and infrastructure. The project also studies the usability and the related operational cost structures.

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Technological and Innovative Aspects

bulletThe main technological innovation is related to the better accessibility of buildings which enables unmanned reception of electronically ordered goods, such as grocery products, food and other consumer goods.
bulletThe second technological and developmental innovation is a solution to solve the logistic routing between road transport, distribution, storaging and reception of electronically ordered goods.
bullet The key of this Project is in integrating existing and new buildings to the global e-commerce network by providing the logistic solution for multi-storey and other buildings. It is expected to give growth impulses to traditional building sectors via building rehabilitation and modernization

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